Thank you all!

Thank you all!

My name is Mert. I am an amputee under the right knee, and I am a 23-year prosthesis user. I have had the chance to see and experience many different prosthetic practice centers. One of the best I can definitely say Proklinik!
Thank you Proklinik

Thank you Proklinik

I lost my right leg from my laptop as a result of a work accident 37 years ago. To date, I used knee-locked prostheses, classic and modular. 4 months ago I was introduced to PROKLİNİK as a result of my internet research.
Mehmet Yavuz
Exactly like I want.

Exactly like I want.

It really was like they said. It was more comfortable to walk than comfortable. In terms of aesthetics, exactly as I wanted. I am very happy that my prosthesis is exactly what I want, and that its employees behave like my family. I advise you to contact the Proklinik.
İlknur Sevimli

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Prosthetics & Orthotics Center

The Proclinical Prosthesis & Orthosis Practice Center was established in 2006 in Istanbul in order to improve the quality of life and facilitate the social activities of people who have lost their arms and legs for various reasons or who have a physical loss of movement.

We are a technical team who work actively in prosthetics & orthotic applications for 20 years and closely follow sectoral development and technology.


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What Is A Prosthesis?

The prosthesis is the general name of the sub-knee and electronic arm prosthesis devices made to mimic the missing body parts. Injuries, tumor surgeries, gangrene, inflammation and similar organ damage as a result of the rest of the body to protect the health of the damaged organ is removed (amputation). Prostheses designed to remove functional, image and volumetric deficiency of prostheses that mimic the function of this organ are called cosmetic prostheses. Prosthesis Application

What Is A Orthesis?

The orthoses support and protect the musculoskeletal system. Orthoses and supports are medical devices that are prescribed by doctors in the musculoskeletal disorders and injuries and contribute to the healing process. The goal is to help people increase mobility. Orthoses are used to stabilize, immobilize and relieve the affected areas of the body or to physiologically correct them. Orthosis Application
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